Now Featuring Advanced Leak Detection

Your Flume water sensor just got smarter about recognizing potentially damaging and costly leaks. We’ve analyzed tens of thousands of data points for residential irrigation cycles and used machine learning to build a model that eliminates the most common source of false-positive leak warnings.

When advanced detection is active, Flume will recognize your regular outdoor watering cycle and avoid triggering notifications, but the leak rules you’ve set will continue to be active – ensuring your home stays protected from water leaks.

You can easily activate Advanced Leak detection from within the Flume app. Click the menu icon in the upper left corner, then go to Settings > Usage Alerts to find your leak rules.

Tap the leak rule to see the details, and you’ll find a new toggle to enable the Advanced Leak detection feature. Save your changes, and leave the magic to us.

This is just one of many exciting new features being developed by data scientists at Flume that will make your device more useful and the information more actionable. As we crunch through water use data from thousands of users throughout the country every day, we’ll continue to add smart features like this to enhance your Flume experience.

3 thoughts on “Now Featuring Advanced Leak Detection

  1. Hello! Have you all considered adding an option to set up the days and times that my irrigation system is set to run in the app? You then could use this info with the usage alerts so we would not get alerts when the sprinklers are running. If I understand the current advanced alert option, I need to set up an alert that has water leaking for a 2 hour min time period for the algorithms to work. This would allow water to leak for 2 hours before flume sent a notification. A lot of water can leak in a 2 hour period. Love the system, love the app and the data that is available to review. Great job! Keep the updates and improvements coming. Todd

    1. Agree with todd. Ability to exclude irrigation times while maintaining a short high-flow leak duration (15 minutes or perhaps even less) is important.

    2. Hi Todd, thanks for your feedback! While we don’t have an exact release date, we’re hoping to implement an option like you describe in the near(ish!) future. Great to hear you’re loving Flume, and thanks again for taking the time to leave us your feedback; we really appreciate any and all feedback we can get. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you!

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